History of the Colorado Association of Parliamentarians

Colorado’s first parliamentary unit was organized in 1939 (Denver 1939-1989). The Colorado State Association of Parliamentarians of the National Association of Parliamentarians received its charter on March 5, 1959. The state association was comprised of 11 units (yes! 11 units); one club shortly thereafter became a unit. In 1976, the name was shortened to Colorado Association of Parliamentarians (CAP). Mrs. H.M. Townsend was the first state association president, 1959-60.

Did You Know?

Before the state association was organized, three National Association of Parliamentarians presidents were from Colorado: Mrs. C.W. Cooper, 1937; Mrs. Ernest (Ida M.) Perrine, 1947-49; and Mrs. Oskar Anderson, 1957-59.

Did You Know?

 CAP was the first state association to have a student group and to organize a second student group? The Audubon Elementary School Student Group in Colorado Springs was chartered in May 1987.

Did You Know?

Distinguished Colorado members included Corinna Mathews, granddaughter of General Henry M. Robert, original author of Robert’s Rules of Order, and Portia Shirley Chapter, Corinna’s daughter and General Robert’s great-grand daughter.

Chapter Year of Founding

1960   Colorado Springs
1970   CO Beta Gaveliers
1970   CO Gamma Gaveliers
1982   CO Omega Gaveliers

SourceHistory of the National Association of Parliamentarians, Paducah, Kentucky, Turner Publishing Company (1998)



The Colorado Association of Parliamentarians (CAP) is a non-profit, educational organization composed of parliamentarians and students interested and trained in parliamentary procedure. CAP is a division of the National Association of Parliamentarians® (NAP).

The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR) is the parliamentary authority for both NAP and CAP.

Local study units are composed of students, members, registered, and professional registered members. The units generally meet monthly to study parliamentary procedure with a high level of individual participation. Members learn by doing and progress at their own rate of speed.



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