CAP Executive Board: 2020-2021

President:  Janice Gray, RP

Vice President:   Gregory Carlson, PRP

Secretary:  Terry Young

Treasurer:  Sophie Sims

Parliamentarian: Dorothy White, RP

Nominating Committee Chairman: Helene Ward

Communications Committee Chairman: Theresa Staples

Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee Chairman: Vacant

Beta Gaveliers

2nd Tuesday 10:00 AM
Englewood Public Works Conference Room (3rd Floor)
1000 Englewood Pkwy
Englewood, CO


Wynne Shaw

Gamma Gaveliers

2nd Tuesday 9:30 AM
District 2 Police Station
3921 Holly St.
Denver, CO


Helene Ward

Omega Gaveliers

3rd Monday 7:00 PM
Leyden Chiles Wickersham
American Legion Post #1
5400 E. Yale Ave.
Denver, CO


Jeff Moser

Colorado Springs

4th Saturday 10:00 AM
Stetson Hills Police Station Community Room
4110 Tutt Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO


Gregory Carlson


The Colorado Association of Parliamentarians (CAP) is a non-profit, educational organization composed of parliamentarians and students interested and trained in parliamentary procedure. CAP is a division of the National Association of Parliamentarians® (NAP).

The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR) is the parliamentary authority for both NAP and CAP.

Local study units are composed of students, members, registered, and professional registered members. The units generally meet monthly to study parliamentary procedure with a high level of individual participation. Members learn by doing and progress at their own rate of speed.



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